Ways you can help

To start with we are starting litigation in the High Court against the two organisations that are 'guardians' of the community owned assets.  Once guardianship has been received of the assets we will be calling on volunteers to assist in projects that need doing.

Tutamoe Community Collective is run by volunteers.

There is a lot of work to be done if the buildings are to be used by the community again as per the Purpose set out in the Deed of the Tutamoe Community Trust.
As the saying goes, many hands make light work!  So, if you have spare time, or want to get involved in a community initiative, let us know a bit about yourself.  Fill in the form below and we will get back to you to discuss volunteering options when a suitable opportunity is available.
All we need is for you to have a great attitude, a community spirit and your free time and your own camping equipment or camper to stay in.

Some of the work we will need help with is;

  • anyone and everyone to help with cleaning up the grounds.  There is a lot of blackberry to cut back, trees to prune and gardens to dig/replant.  

  • qualified labour to carry out well needed maintenance on the buildings,.  There are windows, fireplaces, guttering, roofs, wall repairs, carpets etc.

  • grounds and garden clean up,

  • pool repairs,

  • rubbish removal,

  • repairs to fields and grounds where drains have been dug without resource consent

If you can't volunteer but can donate $5 or $20 to the cause, see how you can contribute here or become a member here.

Donate Materials

As with all building maintenance you normally need materials to complete the job; and this is no different!

A list of needed materials will be updated on our Facebook page and here.

Volunteer With Us

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