Tutamoe Community Collective is made up of ratepayers and residents who wish for the Tutamoe Community Trust to adhere to the Trust Purposes.

For community assets to stay in the hands of the community and not sold to anyone, especially businesses with international interests.
For the trustees to uphold the Purposes of the trust which read;

Note: (d) was removed by the current listed Trustees on 29 January 2009.

Hallway in Tutamoe School Building

18 February 2020

Reason for Tutamoe Community Collective Society Incorporated Formation

The TCCSI’s  has arisen from three years of communication between a passionate group of local land owners who have had concerns over the management of the two organisations that oversee the Tutamoe Hall and ex School grounds.  Their lawyers have engaged in mediation since 2018 asking the current Management Committee and Board to resign and allow ‘fresh blood’ in.  They have refused and to date continue to act unlawfully in the management of both entities.

The TCCSI Society Management Committee (SMC) has lawyers ready and waiting to lodge an application and engage in High Court action against the Tutamoe Hall Association Inc. and the Tutamoe Community Trust.

By becoming a member of the TCCSI you are showing your support for upholding the values of previous organisations.

What is the plan?

  1. Form and register the TCCSI with the Incorporated Societies Register (currently in the process of)

  2. Engage in High Court action against the Tutamoe Hall Association Inc. and the Tutamoe Community Trust.
    This is to hold the Trustees of both organisations to account for the poor management of the community assets and to have the high court make orders to take over both entities assets and to pass administration over to this newly formed Society to become the Guardians of the community owned assets.

  3. Fundraising to pay for High Court action!
    First and foremost fundraising will pay for litigation.  Once a decision is made on the assets, should they be gifted back to TCCSI, any left over monies after High Court costs will go toward projects around the school.


For more information on Membership options and Society Rules, see the Membership Pages.

For more info on what is needed to be done, See the Projects page

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