Tutamoe Community Collective to become a legal Society!

Yes, that is right! We are in the final stages of registering as an Incorporated Society. It started with a small group of ratepayers and residents. One a lifetime resident, born and breed and attended the local school grounds we are trying to save. A few others in the area have owned land for over 30 years! People who have grown up spending holidays here or who have brought small blocks and made the place home.

So why register as an Incorporated Society? Legally it means we are not just a group of rogues like some would like to have you believe. To set up as Society means we will be able to welcome members. Those locals new and old who agree that it is import to keep assets under public ownership and NOT privatization!

By becoming a member you are showing you support and want a community centre, or believe rural communities should have something like this.

Being rural it is import to have a place to go, to connect with other locals. In times of a civil defence emergency or any other emergency, a place to go and be safe. To have a community hub that assist the locals, vege gardens, a learning centre, the list could go on!

And to be frank, the next step is to sort out the management of the two current entities who apparently control (to the best of their abilities) the hall ruins and school grounds. It is also to stop the illegal sale of both properties that the current members have tried to force. To have all of their dealings over the last 10-15 years reviewed and the accounts to be audited by an independent auditor. But how do we get all this done? We have to go High! Higher than lawyers and that is going to cost. So to awareness of the plight, a Society is born.

Visit The Purpose and Membership pages to find out more.

To register your interest in becoming a member or to request an Info Pack, contact us at tutamoecommunity@gmail.com

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