Meeting to be held, but let's not follow the Rules!

On Sunday 21 June 2020 locals drove around dropping notices off either into letter boxes or in some cases, leaving them on fence posts with a rock on top! It looked like it was a promising start being advised that the Tutamoe Hall Association Inc. was to hold a Special General Meeting. The sole purpose of the meeting according to the notice was to elect a new Management Committee. Sadly when you start to go over the notices, you start to see many errors. And to find out that the main notice to be distributed had been changed leaving out information. We only noticed this after we were emailed the forms again (from tutamoehall email) to which to document was altered on 20th June, the day before notices hit letterboxes.

To try and gain clarity, an email requesting further information was written to the person noted on the notices, Sandy Thompson from and organisation called Lead. It read:

Sandy was kind enough to respond on 25 June 2020 (see response below) but did not answer any of the concerns.

There was no clarification on the question asked so we responded with a little more information hoping clarification would come. You see one of the biggest concerns is that the Tutamoe Hall Association Management Committee was not and are still not using the correct Rules that are approved by the Incorporated Society Office and the ones held on file that are legally meant to be followed!

Sandy again responded but with no real resolve and passed the buck over the the Tutamoe Hall Association 'Members', who ever they are! Because apparently the Privacy Act stops one from asking who members are so that one can get a membership form signed. I assume you are meant to just 'know' who is a member in the 'secret society' called Tutamoe Hall Ass!

Now, in this last email, Sandy is confident that there have been NO alterations to the Constitution, but there has been! At this point I can only assume that the Management Committee are extremely incompetent and have no idea on what Rules they should be following!

With the emails above we still had no resolve. The very valid questions were either being pushed aside (maybe they didn't want to answer them) or they have NFI! In a last ditched effort, I figured, Sandy didn't know or wasn't being told everything so

proceeded to email the address given on the meeting notices.

Reading over the email above, I think the questions are very clear. Going by the reply, someone does not want to answer the hard questions! Someone certainly doesn't want to acknowledge that they have NFI what they are doing!

Once again, this 'member' refers to a Constitution that is NOT VALID and then parrots what has already been sent by Sandy adding no information once again. They are working on old Rules and because of this breached the Act!

For clarification, these are the correct and ONLY Rules that should be used. They come directly from the Incorporated Society Office Register. Go to this register, search for 'Tutamoe Hall' and it will direct you to the Society information. Here under 'Filings' you will find the official and legal documents of the Society. The original Rules were approved on 22 August 1925 then altered in 1928. These altered Rules are the true and correct rules which should be followed.

What is so different and why be concerned? For the the membership fee becomes two different things! While they work it out correctly using the RBNZ Inflation Calculator, they have not used the correct 'Fee'.

Originally the Rules set out three (3) different fee levels; Gentlemen £1, Ladies £1. It was then changed in 1928 so all fees were to be 10/- (10 Shillings) for all members. 10/- in 1928 equates to $36.02, not the $100 they have gone a charged all new members!

One would hope the 'Management Committee' who was voted in at the meeting on Saturday, 11 July 2020 will show more integrity when dealing with the Rules! For all those who signed up to become new members, I do hope you get refunded the $63.70 you have OVERPAID!

To the newly elected 'Management Committee',

I sincerely hope you have been given all of the information regarding the previous three years worth of legal correspondence and all information regarding how the society has (or has not in some cases) been run. I hope you understand your legal obligations as 'Officers' of the Society and are aware that anything the previous committee did, you can be held responsible for!

As for the future of the Tutamoe Hall Association Incorporated....

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