How we can make it can happen?

The current BOT's as it stands have not worked for the Purpose of the trust.  Four of the five trustees are family members which does not allow for diversity nor for the ability to separate personal agendas.
The behaviors exhibited by the current members towards not only community members but also a trustee is deplorable.  Communities are meant to be about coming together and helping each other, not turning on one another and going behind ones back in any kind of business dealings.

We are told that this kind of behaviour happens all over the country with community trusts assets are being sold from under neath the feet of those who want to uphold the values of the early settlers in the area.  To showcase the struggles of the forefathers, the men and woman who gave so much to clear the land of bush and make it into the clear and fertile land we see around us today.

The current BOT have been sent letters numerous times by the Tutamoe Community Collectives lawyers.  Multiple requests have been made for copies of documentation that is required to be kept by New Zealand law.  None has been forth coming and after two years plus of struggle to see that the trust work for it's set Purpose. A letter from current Trustee John Schepens and four other community members was sent to the Chairman, Daryl Morris with a vote of no confidence and requested that they retire.  The Chairman, Daryl Morris nor any of the other trustees had responded to the letter so on 20th march 2020, a letter from the groups lawyers was sent the the Trusts lawyer and all trustees.

New Trust Act 2019 comes into effect in 2021 and part of this is to ensure Trust Deeds comply with New Zealand law.  It will make all trustees accountable and liable for their dealing while a trustee.  New trustees have put their hands up and are ready to take on the very large challenge ahead of them.  That is, to bring the building's and land that have been neglected over the last 12+ years while either under the lease of a local farmer/business or apparent control of the trustees.  Whoever has been responsible for the buildings and land has allowed them to be neglected, run down and in need of renovations.

How can we make this happen?

After many conversations with lawyers, the Tutamoe Community Collective is to become a registered Society.

It will take a community effort!
There will be funding applications, donation requests, fundraisers, raffles, events and more.  There is a lot to be done and we need to come up with the money and materials to repair, reinstate and meet compliance standards.

It will be a big task but there are people in the community who have the drive, heart and knowledge to get these things done!

It won't happen over night but it can happen.  We, the Tutamoe Community Collective promise to keep fighting for the return of the community assets so they can be used for the Purpose the trust was set up for.  What many descendants of the families who built the Hall and school along with those that lived in the community want to see it kept for community use.  The great grand children and past residents who still have a connection to the area would like to see the facilities available to the current community, visitors to the area and especially the children in the area and the descendants of those men and woman when they come to visit.

There are things that will need to be completed before the community can use the buildings.  They can be done in stages and opened for use as they are completed to meet code.


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